BabyMode App

A homescreen just for kids!

About Us

Like most kids, our son was drawn to technology from a young age – I think he was grabbing our phones at just a few months old!  And like most parents, we wanted to find a way to let him explore technology in a safe, fun way.  But he wanted to explore it just the way mommy and daddy used it!  When we loaded up most kid apps, our son would be disappointed that the homescreen suddenly looked different.  He'd try and change it back to the way it looked when we were using it.  He became frustrated, the exact opposite reaction we wanted. 


We decided to create an app designed to be just what he was looking for.  We made it look just like our homescreen, only loaded with icons that represented our son's favorite things in life: zippers, bubbles, babies, etc.  We gave each one fun sounds and animations and voila, an app custom made for our kid... and really for every kid.